The classic Thailand and Phuket getaway tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the biggest island in Thailand and explore the warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants. Phuket has been branded as the “Pearl of Andaman” and the island surely lives up to its name. Explore Thailand’s original flavor, its immaculate beaches, salubrious climate, and fascinating culture, along with the speckles of amazing wildlife sanctuaries and historical monuments.

Discover the splendors of the large Phuket Island and explore its bustling shopping malls, vibrant bars, and pubs a perfect comparison to the huge skyscrapers in Thailand. The major highlight of this colorful journey is the largest island of Thailand; Phuket. Filled with rocky capes, limestone cliffs, tranquil broad bays, powdery beaches and tropical inland forests have managed to become the most attractive and visited locations in the world. Explore perfection and divinity in the 12 days, carefully formulated package, that helps you explore the best of Thailand. If you are looking for a mixture of serenity, luxury, and sporty adventure, look no further and book this package now.


  • Day Arrival in Bangkok

    Today, you will arrive in Bangkok. Bangkok is a combination of the old and the new, a mixture of awesome temples, skyscrapers and clean rivers. We start the journey to explore the mix of sporty adventure and serenity amalgamated into one. After arriving at the Bangkok International Airport, we will be shifted to the hotel where we spend the night. The afternoon is free for exploration of the bustling nightlife of this incredible country.

    • Meals not included
    • Overnight at hotel in Bangkok
  • Day Sightseeing in Bangkok

    Bangkok is the busiest and one of the most beautiful cities of Thailand. After breakfast, we will be sightseeing to prove the worth and the beauty of Bangkok in all its glory. Bangkok was aptly called as the Venice of the East because of the intricate canal network it possesses.  The first location to visit today is The Grand Palace.

    The Grand Palace is the grandest temple and palace complex situated in the city. It's extraordinary structure and sprawling complex attracts a huge number of internal as well as external tourists every year. It was designed to be the main residence of the Royal Family and has been rendered with several design improvements over the years. The WatPrahKaew Temple has been the most notable addition to the complex.

    WatPrahKaew Temple houses the iconic Emerald Buddha. The Buddha statue has been beautifully designed, using only a piece of jade. After visiting the Grand Palace, we move on to visit Wat Po.

    Wat Po is situated near The Grand Palace. It has made its reputation all around Thailand for its incredible Thai massage school, the huge reclining Buddha statue that it showcases with pride is its another prized possession. The Buddha statue is 46 m long and 15 m high and a gold plated structure. After visiting the vicinity of the Wat Po Temple and relishing the lunch, we move on to visit the Chao Praya River.

    Upon reaching the docks of the river, we will embark on a scenic and beautiful cruise of the magnificent river.  Observe the river life and by wares from locals selling their goods on the sides of the river. Bangkok looks different from this perspective. The boat takes you through some narrow canals in the suburb of Bangkok, Thonburi. The quiet and traditional way of life of people living here is surely a serene experience that soothes you to the core.  We return to the docks of the River and embark on a river ferry ride to WatArun, situated on another side of the Chao Praya River.

    WatArun is one of the most revered temples of Thailand and has been featured on the currency of the country. Walk on the grounds of the impeccably designed temple and climb the stupa. The panorama of the Yaworat neighborhood appears in full glory from this spot.

    The better part of the evening will be spent in visiting the infamous China Town of Thailand by foot. Buy stuff for loved ones back home and drop off in WatTraimit. WatTraimit houses a solid gold Buddha, a true spectacle to look at. The day finally comes to an end with the memories of the glistening Lord Buddha fresh in the mind.

    • Breakfast & lunch included
    • Overnight at hotel in Bangkok
  • Day Bangkok to Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-in Palace to Bangkok

    Today, we proceed towards the northern side of Bangkok, in order to visit the city of Ayutthaya. We will stop first at the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace. Bang Pa-In offers a mixture of Chinese, Gothic and Thai architecture of the lovely restored royal buildings, well-manicured grounds and gardens offer a perfect looking landscape.

    We then finally reach Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is the 2nd royal capital of the Kingdom of Siam. At the peak of its history, the Kingdom encompassed large parts of Laos, Cambodia, and Burma. People from countries as far as in Europe visited this region.  This region was one of the most important trading centers in the region. However, following a huge number of wars and siege, Ayutthaya was invaded and destroyed by the Burmese army, the states that made this region proud were stolen away to Burma, and temples were ransacked. Today, the city still holds the incredible remnants of this temples and incredible locations of the city.

    In this incredible city, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and temples like WatYaiChaimongkhol. Other interesting temples and statues of Buddha make up the vicinity of this incredible city. Explore the remnants of the city before transferring back to the hotel in Bangkok.

    • Breakfast & lunch inlcuded
    • Overnight at hotel in Bangkok
  • Day Sightseeing around Bangkok

    This is yet another day to explore the beauty, serenity and the bustling life of Bangkok. Bangkok gives everyone the opportunity to explore its nooks and crannies and carry out extensive activities. This day is dedicated to carrying out personal activities and for exploring areas that you wish to visit the most. You can also just relax in the premises of your hotel and breathe in the luxury offered by Bangkok.

    • Breakfast included
    • Overnight at hotel in Bangkok
  • Day Fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

    After breakfast, we will move on to Chiang Mai today.  After breakfast, we will be transferred to the Bangkok International Airport. Upon flying to Chiang Mai International Airport, we will be transferred to the hotel. Chiang Mai is aptly called “The Rose of the North” owing to the abundance of temples, markets and hills tribes that it boasts. Chiang Mai was a former cultural center and religious location which came under the control of the Burmese for two times. Hence, the region is highly influenced by Burmese architecture.

    It is highly recommended that you explore the opportunity to create your own dish in the Thai Cooking School if time permits. An afternoon visit to the temple of DoiSuthep is also highly recommended. It offers amazing views of the Chiang Mai and the striking temple landscapes that the city holds proudly. Visit the night market to buy local wares.

    • Breakfast & lunch included
    • Overnight at hotel in Chiang Mai
  • Day Sightseeing around Chiang Mai

    Today, we start off the sightseeing tour by visiting DoiSuthep. DoiSuthep is the most famous temple in Chiang Mai and is also a prominent structure of the city. It stands at 1685 meters atop a sub-peak of the DoiPui Mountain. The full name of the temple is WatPhra That DoiSuthep, and its architecture and ambiance is as large as its name. The stunning views of Chiang Mai from atop the temple are truly exquisite. The temple itself is a remarkable piece of architecture. For those interested less inthe architecture of the temple, the views itself are alluring and serene.

    We return from the DoiSuthep to the winding road to Baan Tong Luang., this is a five hill tribe exhibition village. This is the point where you will get a chance to meet the Karen Long Neck (Paduang) tribe. They put on rings around their neck in order to make their necks look slender and long. We will also get a chance to mix in with the Akha and Lahu communities.

    Another preferred option is to visit The Tiger Kingdom. One can get a chance to play with Tiger cubs and adult tigers. Another option is to visit the Thai Orchid and Butterly Farm, two exquisite points of nature. We will also go on to visit the San Kamheang area. In San Kamjheang, manufacturers of Chiang Mai and Thai products, several items like ceramics, paper umbrellas, silk items etc. are manufactured here.

    • Breakfast & lunch included
    • Overnight at hotel in Chiang Mai
  • Day Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle to Chiang Mai

    Today, we will explore the beautiful province of Chiang Mai today. The main attraction for this day is the legendary Golden Triangle. This place is where Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar meet.

    We will start off by dropping off to Maekhajan hot springs. The hot springs have natural springs of hot water and are a perfect spot to sip a cup to coffee.  After this, we will move on to visit the mountains of ChiangRai. We visit The White Temple, also called as WatRongKhun. After witnessing the exquisite architecture of this temple, we will explore the town of Chiang Saen, an old, important city situated in the Lanna Kingdom. Ancient structures and Buddha images adorn this town.

    After this, we move on to pay a visit to WatChediLuang, a preserved old temple. The last destination for today is the Golden Triangle. The area is called so as the three countries of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet at this particular point. Here, you may decide to embark on a boat ride to the Mekong River. Shop in the island of Don Sao in Laos and continue on to Mae Sai. Here, you can find several shopping items like sunglasses, handbags, and CDs at affordable prices. Cross the border for a quick glance of Myanmar and some shopping before returning back to Chiang Mai and visiting the long neck village.

    • Breakfast & lunch included
    • Overnight at hotel in Chiang Mai
  • Day Free day in Chiang Mai

    This is yet another day targeted towards achieving sightseeing deeds. There are a huge number of optional activities to choose from, one can visit the Elephant Nature Park which is situated just outside the city. Elephants have been used in the past as a beat of the burden for logging industries, however, the Thai government banned logging and the elephants were put out of work.

    This center was then set up to take care of these graceful animals. At the center, you will be provided with the opportunity ti feed as well as bathe the elephants, they roam around in huge acres of lush parkland. Another alternative option is to embark on a half day cycling trip in the rural surroundings of the area. 

    Another incredible option is to explore the Hmong village. The Hmong hill tribe is said to have migrated from southern China a century ago. It is also said that the Hmong tribesman made up much of the CIA’s secret army in Laos when the Indochina crisis took place. Their culture, traditions, and languages have been retained over the centuries.

    • Breakfast included
    • Overnight at hotel in Chiang Mai
  • Day Fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket

    It is finally time to reach the biggest island and the most happening place in Thailand, Phuket. You will be driven to the Chiang Mai International Airport, and then be flown to Phuket. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel.

    Phuket is an array of stunning beaches, awe-inspiring temples, fascinating town and pulsating nightlife; all amalgamated into one. The town has morphed into a culturally rich capital, bustling with incredible nightlife. Phuket is a perfect destination for friends and families and full of activities like luxury shopping, sea diving, high-end dining etc.

     In the afternoon, you could visit locations like the Phuket Fanta Sea, which is a theme park with carnival games to play. Another option is to head up and embark on ATV rides. These quad bikes can be taken on dirt roads in the jungle and even over hill tops to explore the fantastic views of the town.

    • Breakfast included
    • Overnight at hotel in Phuket
  • Day Sightseeing in Phuket

    Today is an exciting day as you will get to enjoy several activities in the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. After breakfast, you will enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the Phi Phi Island.

    Firstly, you will be driven to the Phuket Rassada Pier. By a Royal Jet cruiser, you will be transferred to the Phi PhiIsland. The island is full of delightful locations to visit. We will sightsee around the caves like the Viking Cave and the Pi- Le Cove. We will also visit the LahSamah Bay and the Maya Bay.

    On a speed boat, we will next sight see around the Monkey Beach. Snorkeling at Nui Bay, lunch at the nearby restaurant and visiting the Bamboo Island are exciting things to do in the Phi PhiIsland today. The day ends as we are transferred to a hotel in Phuket. You can also explore the Tiger Kingdom to get up close with Indochinese tigers of different ages. Return to the hotel in Phuket after experiencing the wonders of nature.

    • Breakfast & lunch included
    • Overnight at hotel in Phuket
  • Day Freeday in Phuket

    Yet another day to sightsee the wonders of incredible Phuket.  After some relishing breakfast, you can explore the James Bond Island. It is home to the filming locations of “The Man with the Golden Gun”. The area is distinctly known for the number of sheer limestone cliffs that it possesses. The cliffs, hanging over the emerald green water, give a perfect sight to behold.

    You could also move on to visit the Trick Eye 3D Museum, a museum that stimulated creativity and imagination. Another opportunity is to visit the Tiger Kingdom, to get up close and personal with Indochinese tigers of different sizes and ages. Play, pat and touch the cute cubs and massive adults without fear.

    • Breakfast included
    • Overnight hotel in Phuket
  • Day Depart transfer

    After a wonderful experience, in the beaches, caves, and awe-inspiring temples and mountain scenery of Thailand, it is finally time to bid goodbye to this beautiful country and the luxurious experience it gives. Transfer to the international airport for departure, with hearts content over the experiences of the past few days. Depart only with a promise to come back for more.

    • Breakfast included

Trip Info

  • Accommodation & meals

    • Pre and post tour accommodation at 3 star hotel & Resot in Bangkok & Phuket
    • 8 nights in a deluxe room at 3 star hotel.
    • 3 nights in a superior room at Resort.
    • 8 Breakfasts, 7 lunches & 7 dinners included during the trip as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • What's included

    • Domestic air ticket (Chengmai to Phuket Economy Class)
    • Other transportation in the itinerary
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Admission fees in the itinerary
  • What's not included

    • Round-trip international and domestic air ticket from Phuket to Bangkok
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals not specified in the itinerary
    • Service beyond the itinerary
    • Personal expense throughout the tour
    • Optional - Chinese Museum at Wat Traimit, Tiger Kingdom cage fees, Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, Boat trip on Mekong, Karen Long Neck.
    • Gratuities (optional, not required)
  • Transportation

    Transports by van, mini-bus, and/or coach

  • Visa & documentation

    A Visa do not requited traveling in Thailand

    US citizen do not require tourist Visa in Thailand but you must have a 6 months valid passport. The tourists allow staying in Thailand up to 30 days.

    Canada citizen do not require tourist Visa in Thailand but you must have a 6 months valid passport. The tourists allow staying in Thailand up to 30 days.

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